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a Helping Hand with French translation in Gascony

The object of my service is to provide a Helping Hand with anything you need for your personal and business needs with the French language, documentation & administration in France.

I can provide anything from making telephone calls on your behalf, translation and explanation of a letter or facture (invoice) to arranging rendez-vous (appointments) for you either at home or elsewhere and accompanying you to translate

I can accompany you to translate for any purpose

Whatever your level of skill in the French language, at times having a translator available can be essential to avoid misunderstandings and at other times can simply help ease what can be a frustrating experience because of the language barrier

Dealing with telephone calls is much more difficult than talking to someone face to face; anything from the company wanting find out if you need to refill the oil tank to someone contacting you with a question about something and you simply don't understand

"Pas de Problème"

please contact me about any of your requirements or problems



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French Administration
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Margaret CRANE ~ Professeur de Langues ~ Siret 477 721 344 00018 ~ « enregistré sous le numéro 52 85 01469 85. Cet enregistrement ne vaut pas agrément de l'Etat »